Time Lapse Experiment

http://vimeo.com/12362085 This is a time lapse experiment that I have been tinkering with for the last month.  I wanted to try a new work flow based around raw images instead of JPEG images.  Every frame was captured as a raw image and imported in to an Aperture 3 library.  From there, I batch processed the images to achieve the desired look and from there, exported the images as uncompressed TIFF images, scaled to a more manageable size.  Finally, I exported the intermediate file as an insane bit-rate MP4 file and uploaded it to Vimeo.

The net effect: this process takes a lot longer than dealing with JPEG images.  @21 Megapixels, there is plenty of data to play with, especially if the final video will be 1080P or smaller.  However, processing the images takes, on my machine, nearly 5 times as long.  If I was producing footage to be used in an IMAX theater I would still use this process, but for every conceivable circumstance, I can't see any practical benefits to using raw files over JPEG.

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong in the comments :)