This is why Sprint Nextel is in Trouble


It is not possible to opt out of your contract because of a material change and keep your service.


I am 22 months in to a 24 month contract.  Sprint made a material change on Jan 1 2010 to my account and on principal alone, I wanted to terminate my contract.  In the contract that Sprint and I agreed to, I gave them the right to change the contract and they granted me the right to exit the contract for a material change.

Sprint made a material change to my account and I want to exit my contract.   I am not looking to change service providers nor am I looking to terminate my service.  I simply want to go month-to-month/non-contract and stay with Sprint.  According to three reps I talked to (1 online, 2 over the phone) – the only way to get out of my contact is to terminate the service or switch to a new carrier.  They are forcing me to go to the competition.

Let me reiterate that:  Sprint is not allowing users to stay on their network who disagree with material changes to their contract.  I want to stay with Sprint but they won’t let me!  If I want out of the contract, they are forcing me to leave.  They won't simply prematurely terminate the contract and keep me as a customer.

I’ve paid every bill on time and have great credit.   You would think they would want to keep my service.  And all of this because of 2x $0.20 fees.  Someone is missing the big picture.  You know, someone could just wave 40 cents in fees and keep me in contract....

01/05/2010 06:53:44PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "How are you doing Brian?" 01/05/2010 06:53:52PM    Stuckey: "Im great, thank you" 01/05/2010 06:53:56PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "You're welcome." 01/05/2010 06:53:58PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "May I please have the reason you are chatting with us today?" 01/05/2010 06:54:09PM    Stuckey: "I have less than ********** months left of a ********** month contract. The regulatory fee is a material change to my original contract and I would like to switch to a month-to-month plan and keep my service." 01/05/2010 06:55:22PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "One moment please." 01/05/2010 06:55:31PM    Stuckey: "Sure thing." 01/05/2010 06:57:17PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "I apologize but you are not able to go to a month to month basis since your contract is still effective." 01/05/2010 06:57:35PM    Stuckey: "Right, but this isn't the contract that I originally agreed to" 01/05/2010 06:57:54PM    Stuckey: "By allowing Sprint to change the contract, I was granted the right to exit for material changes" 01/05/2010 06:58:08PM    Stuckey: "I don't want to cancel my service, only go month-to-month" 01/05/2010 06:59:21PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "That is correct and you cancel your service if you would like. You may call Account services to discuss that issue with them since they handle cancellations and contracts. The number is **********-**********-**********, option ********** and **********." 01/05/2010 06:59:41PM    Stuckey: "I'm not looking to cancel" 01/05/2010 07:00:01PM    Stuckey: "Just to terminate the contract and become a monthly paying customer" 01/05/2010 07:00:11PM    Stuckey: "There are less than ********** months left" 01/05/2010 07:00:42PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "I understand that but they maybe able to cancel your contract since there is a change in it. But then they would still keep your service active. Account services handles that." 01/05/2010 07:01:06PM    Stuckey: "Got it - Can they see these call notes?" 01/05/2010 07:01:25PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "They sure can see your account notes." 01/05/2010 07:01:36PM    Stuckey: "Okay, I will give them a call. Thank you" 01/05/2010 07:01:46PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "You're welcome." 01/05/2010 07:01:49PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "May I please ask if you have any further questions for me?" 01/05/2010 07:02:02PM    Stuckey: "No more questions" 01/05/2010 07:02:07PM    Agent (Ahmed H.): "Thank You for choosing Sprint as your wireless provider. We appreciate your business. Have a great day." 01/05/2010 07:02:30PM    Session Ended

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