Super Electrofluorescent Profanity Machine

By Etsy user Koolatron / $125

I like this device.  Not only is it a cool use of a great use of cyan VFD displays, but it is small and at $125, it is worth every cent.

First and foremost, it is a 4-letter-word device.  Normally, these are made with tubes such as the B7971 or similar Panaplex displays (think of a flat version of a nixie tube).  Instead, the inventor opted to go with a VFD.  I've never seen a FLW this small and I've never seen one with display type.  Basically, it is a device that spells out words, usually in English, that are exactly four letters long.   Nice work! Second, this device acts as a clock.  It might not be as polished as say, the Nocrotec, but this device does have a charm to it. I really hope the seller decides to make more of these.  At $125, it is a great deal.

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