Kickstarter: Plasma Speaker

plasma-speaker.jpg Here is a little gadget that 1) is cool and 2) could burn down your house.  SCIENCE!  But seriously, I want this gadget.  The Plasma Speaker is another Kickstarter product that has reached its funding goal but is still open for another 35 days.  Depending on the amount that you're willing to invest, you could get a fully assembled one for a very reasonable price.  Building one of these from scratch means sourcing the parts and hours of tinkering.  These guys took care of that for you.

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Kickstarter.  Not all companies are VC fundable and not all entrepreneurs want to give up equity of funding.  This model serves as a nice way to prove market demand, get real customers and still give the company the freedom that it wants.  I like it and I hope it catches on.

About the orginization:

We're StudentRND, a student-run nonprofit organization that inspires students to learn more about science and technology. During the summer, we run a workspace where students gather and work on cool science and technology projects. We also partner with local high school robotics teams to offer them a space to work over the summer. Follow our summer adventures at and @StudentRND on Twitter!