On Monday Aug 15, 2:16pm EDT, I contributed to the PEN TYPE-A on Kickstarter.  Well, tomorrow is February 1st and so that means that it has been roughly five and a half months since I funded the project.  And you know what - that's fine with me. An hour ago I got an invitation to their launch party.  They are ready for them to start rolling off the assembly line.  They received their first batch of pens in from the manufacturer and passed quality control and the earliest backers should have their pens any day.

I've seen many nasty comments on the Kickstarter page and it bothers me people are so harsh or critical of the team.  The fact is that they have been open with the backers about what the delays are, the problems they've had with their first few manufactures, and they genuinely care about the quality of the final product.  They have an insane attention to detail and the product that I wish more companies would adopt their method.

Sure, a little more experience may have helped speed up the process but I don't care. I want to see what their second product is.

Congratulations CW&T!