Kickstarter: Pen Type-A


I'm one of the backers on Kickstarter for the Pen Type-A.  Kicksarter is an company that enables entrepreneurs, inventors, filmmakers and artists fund their projects.  It isn't venture funding - the money comes from backers.  Anyone can become a backer and, if enough backers are found, the project is funded.  If not, then the backers don't pay.  In return, backers generally get a copy of the product being build. The Pen Type-A is a milled entirely from stainless steel and is pretty much indestructible.  The case has a ruler etched on it and the pen itself is a simple cylinder.  It is a great minimal design that will definitely make graphing in NCC5020 econ easier!  They have enough backers right now, but hopefully the pen will go on sale to the general public soon.  When mine comes, I'll post a review and photos.  Until then, here is some stock art:

Kickstarter Pen Type-A