One Cold Night in Minneapolis This is a video I shot over the course of three hours one cold evening.  This time lapse was filmed as a 1080p HD video and speed up in After Effects.  The source footage for most of the clips was 5 minutes long and sped up to 2,000% yielding a 15 second clip.  For short clips, I find that this work flow is much faster than capturing RAW images, processing them, and then imparting them to After Effects.  (With that said, the still image approach yields better low-light results in my opinion.)

Once of the key advantages of shooting video and manipulating the time is that it has the same effect as oversampling each pixel.  This reduces noise and turns what would have been a grainy image in to a smooth looking scene.

Once I had the images in AE, I adjusted the white balance to remove the orange glow int the clouds from the mercury vapor street lights.  I adjusted the brightness curves on the white end to compensate for the over-exposed buildings and to slightly darken some of the scenes.

When all of the clips were prepared, the final editing and titling was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and exported to a 1080p video via Adobe Media Encoder.  The resulting file was about 500MB and Vimeo did the final encoding for the site.