Minneapolis Then and Now :(

I have a great old photo of Minneapolis in my collection that I am trying to place a date on.  I am guessing 1930's-40's but I can't tell for sure.  It appears to be taken from Hennepin Avenue from ~6th street facing southwest.  Does anyone have a better idea?



My best guess is that it was taken from about here. Which do you like better? View Larger Map


According a photo I found on Lileks (http://lileks.com/mpls/gopher/index.html) the theater on the side of the frame is probably the Gopher.  That puts this photo at the 600 block of Hennepin avenue - right where the City Center is now.  I am guessing this was taken from Hennepin avenue but it may have been shot, facing the opposite direction, on Nicollet Avenue.  According to the site, the theater opened in 1938 so this photo is probably from the 40's.  Anyone have a better guess?

Update #2!

I believe this photo was taken in 1949 or 1950. If you zoom in on the theater, there is an advertisement for "Sons of New Mexico". According to IMDB, it came out in 1949 and was apparently a pretty crappy movie.