IN-12 Review

in-12-19.jpg I just finished a review of the IN-12 clock for  You can read the full review here or you can just buy the clock here :)

Jürgen Grau is the deigned behind this device  and he sells this clock as both a kit and fully assembled. The kit costs €149 and the fully assembled costs €179 (Currently: $190/$230)  Jürgen is very accessible and is fluent in German and English.

Now, on to the clock!  Stylistically, I like it.  The photos on do not do this device justice.  The LED’s are much more vibrant than I expected and the colorful effect that they create manages to look nice without looking gaudy.  There is a knob in the back which allows you to turn the brightness of the LED’s up and down (and completely off.)  The colors slowly cross fade and and produce a pleasing effect on the front of the case.  I didn’t think I use this feature much because I generally prefer simple designs - but the colors are mesmerizing.  I actually leave the LED’s on all of the time, something I would not have expected.