Next semester is going to be rough


This coming semester is my last semester at Cornell. This is the time when most MBAs take easy classes, have a job offer, and do their best to enjoy life. Yup. I missed that memo. Maybe I am suffering from the sunk cost fallacy but I went out of my way to load up on math-heavy classes. I would like to go in to venture capital full time and of the classes on the list, only BRV and MAYBE intermediate accounting will be useful. So why all of the hedge fund classes? Easy: when will I have a chance to take these classes again?

There aren’t many times in life that you have the chance to take classes on derivatives, Alpha, etc. I find public markets fascinating (even though I work on the private end) and as I’ve come to realize – there is a whole world of things that I don’t know. So, I am loading up on classes that I know I need to improve in (accounting, governance) and classes that I find interesting (almost everything else.)

I’m not sure if next semester is going to kill me but at the very least I hope to learn a thing or two.

Final Semester

  • BR Venture Fund
  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Applied Economic Analysis
  • Corporate Governance
  • Liability Driven Alpha
  • The Short end of Alpha
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Derivatives Securities Part I