Looking for hosting advice


Right now, this website and TubeClockDB.com are hosted on a dedicated virtual (VE) server from MediaTemple. I manage the LAMP stack, the applications, the dependencies – everything. The reason I stick with this setup is because it is one of the few that allow me to dynamically allocate more resources to my website as I need them without rebooting. For example – last week, I posted a Futurama image online that got a lot of attention. I normally use a 1 GB VE server and this time I had to bump it up to a 4GB instance. No rebooting and no downtime. Killer. All I had to do was sign in and click the “upgrade instance” button. A few days later, once the traffic died down, I downgraded to the cheaper instance and was back to normal.

The problem that I’m facing is that hosting this website is starting to get expensive. Keeping it as a VE server and manually boosting the resources. The 1GB instance costs $50/month, the 2GB costs $100/month, and the 4GB costs $250/month. I only pay for the days that I am at the higher level but every bit adds up.

The question:

Is there a cheaper way to host my website. By going with the VE I’m already managing many of the tasks myself. I’ve tried shared servers and their performance has always been an issue. I don’t quite need a dedicated server and doing that would lock me in to a hardware configuration that I can’t easily upgrade.

Are there any other options for someone in my position? I don’t mind managing the LAMP stack but I don’t love it. I like having root access but don’t need it. GoDaddy’s economy Linux dedicated server deal isn’t bad but $90/month is more than I want to pay and I am very hesitant to use GoDaddy. I haven’t found many good reviews about them at all and they seem a little shady.

What does everyone else use?