Leica M System Feature Comparison & Price


I'm casually in the market for a smaller camera than my Canon DSLR. Naturally, I've been looking at the Leica M series because they are one of the only full frame rangefinders on the market. Of course, once someone actually tries to learn and to compare their cameras they will quickly come to the same conclusion I did - Leica camera has one of the worst websites on the web. It is inexcusably bad. They make it impossible to directly compare any of their models on their website. I googled around for 30 minutes trying to find the feature comparison and didn't have any luck. So, I did the grunt work for you. Below is a comparison of all of the Leica M models, their major attributes, and prices as of March 2015. All of the technical data was pulled out of their PDF manuals on their website and prices came from B&H Photo.