Kosbo IV-11 VFD Clock

6 digits IV-11 VFD Clock with 2 Alarms.

by Kosbo.com

$Price Unknown / request only

I just found this clock while doing a Google Image search for something completely unrelated.  It appears to be by eBay seller Sparkeltube.  It is a 6 discrete digit VFD based clock.  It has two alarm and a built in buzzer.  But let's face it - you're buying this for the display :)  I love this thing - I want one!

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  • Unique and new VFD Clock on the market !
  • Fully assembled and tested VFD Clock
  • Six BIG 20mm high digits (IV-11 VFD Tubes)
  • Displays Time , Date and 2 Alarm clock sets
  • Accurate & calibrated time clock source from internal crystal
  • Integrated 2 Alarm Clocks
  • Easy control with only 2 buttons
  • Uses standard 12V wall plug Power Supply
  • Precision Seconds setup
  • Internal buzzer for Alarm1 and Alarm2
  • High efficiency integrated on board DC-DC converter