Is privacy dead?


I read an interesting essay on privacy in a social world.  He brings up a good point about how society is adapting to changed in technology and how things that were once creepy (meeting people online) is now socially acceptable (online dating.)  Go read more:

When Bill shouted I instantly remembered when it was creepy to meet someone online. Now finding a date or a wife on is not only acceptable but also a primary mechanism for meeting someone new. I thought about how people never used their real names in chartrooms and or even as an email address. I thought back even further when I would write the phone number of a cute girl on my hand and could only reach her when both of us were near landline telephones. Those thoughts prompted me to write this blog and to get your feedback on how privacy is changing in society and to figure out what is creepy today but will not be so creepy in 5 or 10 years. You, Generations X and Y, will make the decision about the future of privacy because you:

(1) Have witnessed societal and technological inflection points

(2) Have historical memory of the world prior to the emergence of free flowing information and instant access to people through the internet and mobile devices

(3) Have more than 35 more years to be active citizens of the world.