IN-12 Preview

IN12-II-milchig-Front-600.jpg I just got my new IN-12 Nixie clock in the mail from and this thing is impressive.  I will be doing a full video review over the weekend and posting it on  Trust me, you will like this one...

Tubes: IN-12 Nixie tubes, 18 mm digit height, decimal points with flashing LEDs. Background lighting: brightness adjustable. Alarm: adjustable time, snooze and tone. Time format: 12- or 24 hour mode.

Display: time / alarm / date / or alternating time - date. Effects: scrolling date, display fading, digit cycling in different styles. Power: 12VDC 350mA max. DC Power consumption: ca. 3VA (full tubes and background LED brightness). Timekeeping: more than 1h with 1F SuperCap in the event of mains failure. Time accuracy: internal 4 MHz crystal, adjustable with buttons for minimal deviation. Dimension (w x h x d): app. 200 x 50 x 80 mm (incl. tubes) Weight: app. 450 g