Highlight = Wow


Every now and then I am amazed by a piece of technology. I’m a gadget guy and has a 64GB iPhone completely loaded with apps. It takes a bit to stand out from the crowd but today, that app is Highlight. I know that Highlight isn’t exactly new but I live in Ithaca, NY and no one uses it. Of course, last week when I spent my spring break in Palo Alto looking for a job, Hilight was a different story.

Background for those not familiar with the app: It is an app that runs in the background of your iPhone. It shows you a near-real-time map of all of the other users around you. If you find someone interesting, you can highlight them and you can even message them.

Last Friday, I was on University Avenue and Cowper when I saw Robert Scoble on Highlight. Being the nerd that I am, I had to highlight him. He highlighted me back and asked what I was studying at Cornell. A few messages later, he sent me his cell phone number and said that we should grab dinner.

So, myself, Daniel Shi, Robert and his wife had dinner together in Palo Alto. We had a great (nearly 2 hour) time together where we talked about venture capital, how to identify hot startups before they pop, and even BeOS.

I am amazed at Highlight because when you use it in a hot spot like the Bay Area, it works wonders. It is amazing to walk around San Francisco and have a running list of interesting people that you’ve walked by. Apparently some time on Friday I walked by Woz as well. This app is awesome.

(But the logo has to go!)