Help identify these plasma neon displays Okay, the last time I asked for help identifying an unknown device, you guys came through.  Even Evil Mad Scientist helped out (you guys rock.)  Well, I now have two Panaplex-style neon displays that I can't seem to find that much information on.  Does anyone have any information on these or hints to where I can find more information?  I've found a few references to the larger display, but have not had any luck locating data sheets

Or, do you just have an interesting factoid about these guys?

SOLVED: Display #1: NEO8000

The enclosure is about 4" tall and 1/3" thick. On the front is stamped "Y.S" and on the back is written "NEO-8000M Made In Japan 3.9.3"  There do not appear to be any other markings.

SOLVED: Display #2: NEO5000

The enclosure is about 3" tall and 1/3" thick.  The only markings I can see are ""Made In Japan 2.d.3"

UPDATE: These are the NEO5000 and NEO8000 - I found clear photos of them on Neonixie-l from a post ajfranzman made 6 years ago... I'm still looking for specs if anyone has them.

(Egon warned against crossing the streams.  He did not warn against crossing the wires and reversing the polarity.  If you do, this is what happens)