Google Glass

glass-header.png I come! I know I'm well overdue for a meaningful update but this is more fun. A few weeks ago I entered in the #glassexplorers program via Twitter and a few days ago Project Glass contacted me letting me know that I would be one of the early beta testers. Sweet! That left me with one problem. They cost quite a bit and I didn't really want to fork over the admission fee. So, I came up with a solution. If you haven't noticed by now, I love vacuum tubes. I wanted to test the water to see how selling a few of them would turn out and within a few hours, I had a dozen offers for various tubes and by the end of the night had managed to sell quite a few. Score! If you're interested in any, there are still some for sale at my forum and on Google Groups (both accounts are under my name).

Now on to the hard part - how am I going to wear these things and not look like a dork? This is going to be a challenge but I'm excited. It has been a long time since I've been looking forward to a product this much.

google glass

There is a lot that I want to learn about the device: specs, developer support, etc. Some of these things have been leaked or talked about by Google but the one thing that is missing from the discussion, in my opinion, is how people will react to them. We know a bar in Seattle has banned them and West Virginia wants to ban then while driving so it is probably fair to say that people aren't entirely welcoming of the idea and I think it boils down to this: Google Glass, by design, has a camera attached to it.

Think about one of the all time great ad campaigns: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Google Glass is almost exactly the opposite. What happens in Vegas gets broadcast to the world and your parents can watch it live if you're not careful. People don't inherently like having a camera pointed at them and when you pair this with the uncertainty of whether it is recording, broadcasting, etc.,. then people will become nervous.

I'm really curious to see how people react to Glass. This is the one thing that will either make or break the product. I'll report back when I know more :)