For you, not them!


It's six feed of Bubble Tape.

If you grew up in the late 80's or early 90's, you will undoubtedly remember this classic campaign that rain continuously on Nickeloden and Nick at Night / Snick.  So long as you weren't one of them - this was for you.  Gym teachers, lunch ladies, and school officials need not apply.  They would probably be slimed later on You Can't Say That on Television.  Honestly, I don't remember the gum being that good.  It lost its flavor quickly and the chewy elasticity quickly died.  A single container hardly lasted more than a day - which probably made the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company very happy.

Bubble Tape - for you, not them!

The container itself was cool - it had a snapping lip at the dispenser end that almost managed to cut the gum cleanly off.  A little metal would have actually made it work but some Pepsi generation little kid hyped up on sugar would probably find some creative way to cut off a finger with it.

As an aside, the tobacco like container that housed Bubble Tape provided endless outs for my alcoholic loser gym teacher when the outline of Skoal was seen imprinting in his back pocket.  "No no, that's just Bubble Tape."  Now, Don could say it was something other than a hockey puck.  Of course, he was one of "them."  I wonder how his throat is doing....

Anyways - enjoy the show!

Commercial #1

It’s the TRUTH

Your principal can’t smile Can’t swim Can’t rap And can’t stand Bubble Tape

Your school bus driver can’t drive

Wears curlers Makes funny noises Won’t try Bubble Tape NO WAY, JOSE!

Bubble Tape – it’s six feet of bubble gum.  For you.  Not them.

Commercial #2


Your gym teacher escaped from charm school Irons his underwear Watches hygiene films He says “Anyone chewing Bubble Tape owes me 50 pushups!”

The lunch lady wears a hair net Serves mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop Puts gravy on everything She says “Bubble Tape is not part of a well balanced diet”

Bubble Tape – it’s six feet of bubble gum.  For you.  Not them.