Flash on the Nexus One running Froyo

http://vimeo.com/11954196 Well, I manually updated to Froyo on my Nexus One and some video sites, like South Park Studios, work great.  After upgrading to Froyo, you have to manually add the Flash beta plugin but after that, you're set.  Sadly, Hulu and ABC don't work.  If you find more video sites that work, please post them in the comments so I can add them as well!


How To

  1. Download the rom, save it to your SD card, rename to "update.zip"
  2. Power off
  3. Power on & hold down volume down
  4. Wait for the phone to load, then use the volume down button to select Recovery, hit the power button to select it
  5. Now, wait for the ! logo and then press power and volume up
  6. Select Apply sdcard update.zip with the trackball
  7. Wait  (about 5 minutes...)
  8. Reboot - and you're done
  9. (Now go get Flash!)