eBay Find: MSM-5A Incandescent Display

I just ordered a pair of Alco MSM-5A incandescent indicators from seller hp2114b on eBay.  In retrospect, I should have purchased all 5 so I could make a clock out of them.  The remaining 3 units sold out within half of a day after I made my purchase.  At $10/each, these things were very reasonably priced. The are 7 segment displays where each segment is its own discrete incandescent display in its own envelope.  According to the description, it is even possible to swap out the bulbs with a similarly shaped light source, such as an LED.  Below are the auction photos.  I will replace them with my own photos once they arrive.


About the Seller:

I've written about this seller before; they have a website called the Vintage Technology Association.  They have a few other notable auctions: this magic eye tester in addition to the nicest dekatron demonstrator / spinner I have ever seen.

From their site: The VTA is an electronics research and development group, based out of Dayton, Ohio, which specializes in the study, preservation and implementation of obsolete industrial technology. In addition to maintaining an electronics museum, the VTA also develops electronic instruments through our Yilane Systems design division. We are experienced at interfacing even the most disparate technologies; there is no limit to what we can build, given a reasonable development period and a source of parts