Cornell Time Lapse

time-lapse-banner.png Here is a time lapse that I've spent the last day working on. This footage was from 5/22/2012 from about 5 PM to sundown at 8:15 PM. Most of the shots were taken from Libe Slope, the Physical Sciences building, and Olin Library.

The process I used was to capture each frame at 5 second intervals. I manually set the exposure for each frame prevent flickering as the camera auto-adjusts based on changing scenery. Once I had the source material (about 40GB of images) the scenes were broken in to projects in Aperture and a color scheme was created. Once I had a color effect that I liked, I batch applied it to all of the raw images. From there, the images were cropped to 16:9 and exported as maximum quality JPEG images set to 1080P resolution.

Once I had the series of images, I had to import them in to Apple Motion to convert them to ProRes 4:4:4:4 so I could import them in to Final Cut Pro X. (For some reason, FCPX does not allow you to import image sequences directly.) From there, the scenes were edited together, titles added, and a final video was created and exported to Vimeo and YouTube,