Anybody Can Be Cool - But Awesome Takes Practice


I found this image on the interwebs and I really hoped it was fake.  Unfortunately, it isn't. sells it.  I hoped this was just a funny Photoshop from or something but it isn't.  This makes me lose faith in humanity just a little bit more. Seriously:

Does the author have any testimonials?  Does she have any cases she can cite where a dork became the coolest person in the school?  Probably not.  If you need this book, you should just switch schools and start over.  If you are that desperate, you are already beyond repair.

I wonder what Lorraine Peterson's childhood was like.  I bet she was the kid that nobody liked and had to sit by herself every day at lunch.  Seriously, what motivates someone to write a book like this?  If you are a self proclaimed expert on cool, then you're not.  Calling yourself an expert does not make you an expert (with the exception of airline travel "experts").

I wonder if she is still alive.  I would love to know her credentials

From Amazon:

Anybody Can Be cool-But Awesome Takes Practice is an adventure in letting truth shape one's self-image.

Bestselling author Lorraine Peterson helps teens:

Discover what God says about each one of them.

Focus on biblical truths that free people to express their true personalities.

Be strong to stand up to the constant lies from Satan regarding inferiority, lack of self-acceptance and peer pressure.

Become the unique and beautifully designed person God has created to reflect Jesus Christ to the world.

Thirteen weeks of challenging and inspiring readings encourage young people to apply the power of their faith and value in Christ to the issues facing them at school, at work, with friends and family.

About the Author Lorraine Peterson is an award-winning writer whose experience as a junior-high teacher provides a rich background for communicating with young people. Originally from Minnesota, she makes her home in Mexico and continues her work with teens

Anybody Can Be Cool - But Awesome Takes Practice


And for good measure, "If The Devil Made You Do It"

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