40,000 Hotels in one Google Earth File

This will slow down your computer

I've been working on a useful little set of files that I hope someone else finds useful.  I have complied over 40,000 hotels worldwide in to a single Google Earth KML file.  Each hotel is listed as a point on the earth along with the the hotel name.

I am not sure what to do with this data so I am passing it on to you.  If you find a cool use for it, please leave a message in the comments.

IF YOU WANT TO LINK TO THESE FILES:  You may do so as long as you include a link back to this page.  I update the files occasionally so you will always have the latest versions.  If you link to the files and don't give attribution, .htaccess rules will send you goatse instead!  (Well, probably not.  I'm not that mean...)

A few notes:

The files are large.  The worldwide file is almost 8 MB and causes Google Earth to crawl on even new computers.  Because of this, I have not included phone numbers, photos, URLs, etc.  That is what Google is for.  These files are ONLY the location and the name.

Some hotels might not match up with the images on Google Earth.  For example, the images for Minneapolis, MN look to be almost 8 years old.  There are hotels in this file that are not included in the aerial photographs.

This file was made by compiling the list in Excel and using it to clean up the data.  From there, it was exported to a CSV file and KMLCSV Converter was used to generate the KML file.


The download links are past the jump:

US Hotels Only
Everything in one huge file

KMLCSV Converter

Inspiration: http://rathergood.com/lolcats